What Is Urticaria?

Also known as Nettle Rash or Hives, Urticaria is an allergic rash that causes raised, bumpy weals. Although it doesn’t break the skin, the rash is extremely itchy and hot to the touch.

Did You Know?

Pai was born because our founder Sarah needed effective, all-natural products to calm and care for her own urticaria. All our products are formulated for sensitive skin – including Sarah’s – as well as clinically tested for eczema-prone skin. So you know you’re in safe hands.

Three Main Types Of Urticaria:

Acute urticaria flares-up after contact with an allergen and can last anywhere from a few hours to six weeks. Food allergies are the most common cause but heat and exercise can be triggers too.

Physical urticaria is triggered by a physical stimulus (anything from heat to water) and only lasts for a couple of hours.

Chronic urticaria is less likely to be caused by either of the above and lasts for over six weeks. This type is termed ‘idiopathic’ (of unknown cause), which can make it difficult to diagnose. And as our founder Sarah discovered, very frustrating.

“Started using this when my skin was at its worst, I had tried everything, my skin is now transformed. Amazing cream.”

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How To Soothe Your Skin

Find out what your triggers are. We recommend keeping a skin diary detailing diet, sleep patterns, products you’ve used, ingredients you’ve reacted to etc. Be patient, after a month you should notice trigger patterns emerge.

Alongside managing nutrition and stress, natural products with therapeutic plant extracts can help to calm reactive skin.

Our founder Sarah always keeps a bottle of Century Flower in the fridge to soothe and cool down itchy, hot hives throughout the day.

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What Should I Avoid?

Synthetic ingredients, such as Phenoxyethanol and artificial fragrances, can contribute to urticaria flare-ups. Instead choose natural remedies formulated for urticaria.

Hot baths or showers can also irritate skin and cause further reactions, so keep water temperatures low and cool.

Whilst itching can provide temporary relief, try avoiding as much as possible. Loose fitting clothes made with natural fibres should help you feel more comfortable and minimise the urge to scratch.

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